Citroën 2cv

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23 Jul 2008
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Our team this year is very much based around the car, our little 2cv (Genghis McCann) is blessed with tonnes of character and so Jarlath and myself are just here to help him on his adventure. Accurately described by many as a barn find Genghis has fallen into a rut, although his previous owner loved him very much sometimes it requires a bit of shock treatment to shake the lethargy out. So genghis along with his sister Bee came to us and with a lot of advice from some very helpful enthusiasts we are making him into the toned focused driving machine he always wanted to be. The work we have done to Genghis is available for you to see on our youtube clip ( ), when we tell people that we are building him they think we are changing a bumper or gearbox, no we are rebuilding him on a new chassis and fixing anything else along the way such as a new floor, in human terms this is the equivalent of fitting a new spine, only that wouldnt need a block hammer and angle grinder. In keeping with the original philosophy that the 2cv was a car for french farmer that could be fixed by them we are making the car llok as close to that idea as possible, he is an adventurer/ explorer not a smooth city slicker. The rally is just the start for genghis, when he returns he will be touring local schools to tell all the kids about his big adventures and the people that he met, if you would like your school to be involved please contact us and we will be happy to come along. For pictures look up my profile on either facebook or bebo

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