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Welcome!!!!  ¡Bienvenidos!


After a short break we are back to the track, with new team members but with the same Lucha attitude!!

We are 5 luchadores.

If you are wondering what is a luchador?!?!? I recommend you to google: “LUCHA LIBRE” (Mexican wrestling) as we consider ourselves professional life wrestlers!!! Yes yes we like sweaty dudes wearing masks OHH YEAH.

WHAAAAT!?!? YOU DONT KNOW WHAT'S THE MONGOLIA RALLY EITHER!! Well, browse this website and you'll find out. Too lazy?! Briefing the whole deal, it’s a rally organized by amazing NGOS with the goal of raising money for great projects and charities. Also we need to get a vehicle that we will drive half of the world (From LONDON to Mongolia) and donate it once we arrive to our destination: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia's Capitol City !!!

So the team 100% MEXICAN And we all love tacos and tequila, that’s for sure...

Anyways, if you wish to know more about us visit our website:


See you all in Mongolia.

Cuz... life is a lucha!

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I love Lucho...

Hey guys,

First of all let us share our excitement about participating in this great project.

A confession??! We had a ROOOOOUGH start, living in a country with so many regions and population in need it was hard to start the project, as people often questioned us about the reason of helping Mongolia and not our own country...

We haven't been able to answer that question, so we decided to do both... We will engage on donating the 1,500 pounds BUT we want to also raise an extra some for a project that works here.

BTW... You ralliers are becoming famous here!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday our school newspaper published an article on the rally and Lucho and now people stop us on the hallways asking us about the Mongol Rally!!!!

Hopefully our rough start was just... the start.

As soon as we get the electronic version of the article we'll share it with all of you!!

Hasta pronto!

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