We just arrived back from 2 days staying with a family at their gers (yurts is apparently a russian word!). They were really kind although there was almost no english available. We slept on their board beds with very thiin mattresses but a little vodka helped to get us to sleep. We went horse riding yesterday and I didn't know it was so painful! It was ok in 1st & 3rd gears, but 2nd was extremely bouncy and I feel battered. Wish I'd kept the cushions from Betsy now. Despite that, the scenery was the best yet with mountain after mountain appearing and we even caught a glimpse of an eagle after it had swooped on its prey.

Back to UB this morning and it was odd to hear someone call my name in the middle of a city so far away from home, one of the other ralliers had spotted me. Did a bit of shopping and heading back to the guesthouse now for some sleep before a 5.00 am start. Should be back in UK for tomorrow afternoon and Stratford by early evening.

It's been a great trip with so many stunning landscapes, kind people and new friends, the memories will last for a long time. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, given of their advice, time & energy...why not give it a go yourself next year? I've heard there might even be a supported motorbike version...now there's a thought :)

That's all folks

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