More Moustaches

One of the beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts was a book ger. It's kind of like a library and study hall for kids to use after school. We crammed 6 people into All Weasel, No Beaver's Ford Ranger and headed off to a ger district. Jarek and Aneel didn't go because they hate children. I mean, they had to get the car washed and cleaned so we wouldn't have any deductions taken from our vehicle deposit when we handed over our keys. Anyway, when we got there and popped out of the car, a bunch of kids surrounded the car. I gave them stickers and Matt and Paul gave them tennis balls. We went into the book ger, which was like a little library. The kids go there to read or study after school. Go help gave out markers, stickers, and other school supplies while I took portraits and made prints for the kids.


This was the best I could do with the timer. Then, I passed out moustaches.


The older kids thought the moustaches were funny and the younger kids had no idea what was going on.


I don't think she thought it was funny at all. Mongolian girls and boys don't get their hair cut until they're much older. There's a lot of ritual around it. This girl just had her hair cut.

This little guy thinks it is pretty funny and the older girls were getting into it. I like how the moustaches made some of them look like little old men. More pictures here.

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