Were in Serbia and on the way to Sofia. Driving...

Were in Serbia and on the way to Sofia. Driving down the highway through corn, sunflower, kale and lavender fields. Very pretty.

Serbia was our first real international border crossing. Officially left the EU. After a pointless detour to a very depressing Hungarian border town, where we thought we had to go to get out vehicle import bond released, we think we sorted it all out at the actual highway border. The check should hopefully be on the way. Sadly, though, we had to buy expensive car insurance for the 3 hours we'll be driving across Serbia. It's a big racket; necessary to drive through Serbia and bypass Romania, which could add hours to the drive , if not a whole day; and I'm sure it won't cover anything if we need it.

975 miles so far; in country number 5. Photos to come soon when we get better Internet.

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