Gobi Gatecrashers vehicle has a new home...


Team Gobi Gatecrashers drove to Mongolia in a Subaru Forester and donated the vehicle to Go Help, which has been transferred to the Education Department of Bayanzurkh district in UB. The head of the department Ms Otganjargal contacted us to support their work and aide their effort to maintain high standards and monitor the educational institutions within the largest district in the capital city, reaching the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar as far as 35km. The department works with nurseries, schools, universities, educational centres in the improvement of quality of education, capacity building for teachers, studies and research and the implementation and monitoring of regulations related to education in the district of Bayanzurkh, with a population estimate of 235,000. The vehicle will be used by a team of 5 professionals and administrators throughout Bayanzurkh making trips to schools and nurseries in ger districts that are otherwise difficult to reach and support on a regular basis.

Andy and George has also kindly offered to pay for the repairs that were needed on the vehicle before the handover once we confirmed the vehicle's new home. Thanks for all your contribution, and everyone who supported the team, in our efforts to create change and development in Mongolia to the best of all our abilities.

the team handing over the Subaru at the Go Help office in UBthe team handing over the Subaru at the Go Help office in UBedu1: the keys are presented to Ms Otganjargaledu1: the keys are presented to Ms Otganjargalat the handover in UBat the handover in UB


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