The Route

We want to make this Rally an unforgettable experience (even more than it already is) hence, we chose to take an unconventional route. Straight from London through Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia to Ulan Bator, would make the trip far short and way too easy. So instead we decided to navigate directly to the North (Scandinavia) after visiting Prague, Czech Republic. After visiting the most Northern place on the route, Rovaniemi, which lies on the periphery of the Arctic circle we will soon navigate southwards along Finland into Russia. When we pass Saint Petersburg and Moscow, leaving the last highways behind us, that is when the real adventure actually starts. We are then set to pass the south of the Ural mountains whose densely forested peaks can reach up to 1900 meters above sea level.                              

After the Urals we will enter Kazakhstan where first we have to cross vast steppes of Northern Kazakhstan to visit the most Southern located city, Almaty, whereafter we navigate back North touching the Tien Shan mountain range literally translated meaning "Heaven's mountains". Although we only touch the most Northern part of this range, it promises to be a heavenly place. When this part is overcome, we will encircle the Altai mountains towards the biggest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Baikal in Russia, holding fresh water for the entire world population for 30 years! Amazing isn't it?

Finally we will enter Mongolia, touching the Altai mountains and progressing over untouched steppes in the North of Mongolia. We might even visit Lake Khovsgol, which is called the "Dark Blue Pearl" and is one of the main watersuppliers for Lake Baikal. The water in this lake is so cold that it is frozen from January until May. In winter, the ice is so strong that, in early days, transport routes were installed over it. Nowadays it's forbidden though, the government doesn't want the lake to be polluted by trucks that break through the ice and sink, which actually happened on quite a few occasions.