The eagle has landed.


Hello Ulan Bator!

We've handed the car over (less an exhaust), goodbye Skodie, you've been so good to us.

Mongolia Charity Rally 2008
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Re: The eagle has landed.

Congratrations Fred and Hugh for making it to the finish in your mighty skoda. Sorry i pushed on without you guys but i had a tight schedule to meet. Along the way i had to make some tough decisions but looking back they were the right choices. After those few days with you dudes i didnt see another rally team for the rest of the trip two and a half weeks on my own. Anyway i made it and the car did me proud.

Send us a message when you get back.

All the best


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Re: The eagle has landed.
Photos are going up online here for all those excited to see some graphic portrails of our epic adventure:
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