¡Zorritos Loquitos!

I am a New Zealander living in the UK
About to ride a tiny japanese scooter called Sprocket
12000 miles through Europe, Russia and Central Asia
For a Mongolian Charity

I am ¡Zorritos Loquitos!


Why am I really interested in doing this kind of rally? Well the simple reason is that I believe in doing good things.

The deeper reason relates to an idea I have had for a while, and I will try to explain. As a kiwi living in the UK, I am evidence that the world is becoming a smaller place, and it is now relatively easy to travel vast distances across the globe. Between New Zealand and the UK I stopped for 2 hours in Singapore airport; How much do we miss by travelling this way?

The type of transport I have chosen will limit me to a crusing speed of 30-40mph. I hope this will allow me to absorb more of my surroundings rather than to just pass them by.

Latest blog

We Made It

I am sorry about the lack of communication, my phone keeps mysteriously running out of credit. Instead of ruining Sprocket on the less than stellar Mongolian roads we reversed direction and ended up in Ulaanbaatar 10 days early! I have already parted ways with Sprocket who is currently parked with the other donated go help vehicles. It feels very strange to think that my lifestyle of the previous 14 weeks is now over... and it was sad to see the last of Sprocket. As for me, O am going to see a book Ger tomorrow which is one of the Go Help projects. Other than that I am at a loose end. I am completely ready to start my life in Canada, but have 10 days to wait! Thank you all for your support over my trip... in the darkest moments it was all that kept me going :-)
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